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   Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications
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The Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications (RGMIA) is
comprised of academics and researchers from every continent. 

The RGMIA lists member pages and contacts and hosts a pre-print series in 
mathematical inequalities and applications

The aims of the group are to disseminate results via publication (both in print 
and electronic   form) and conferences, create an awareness of the theory of 
inequalities and   support seminars and visiting academics, illustrate the 
applicability of inequalities in the sciences. For e.g. numerical analysis 
(including quadrature and integral equations), statistics, probability and 
information theory. 

The RGMIA home page is at http://rgmia.vu.edu.au. 
The RGMIA Reports (pre-prints) are at: http://rgmia.vu.edu.au/reports.html 
RGMIA member pages are at: http://rgmia.vu.edu.au/alpha_list_new.htm.         
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